Start up Instructions for PayPay Here

1.              Be sure tablet and reader are fully charged

2.              Be sure you have a Wi-Fi connection

3.              Be sure Blue tooth is turned on the tablet

4.              Press the Recent apps icon Recent apps icon on the lower edge of the tablet

5.              Tap the CLOSE ALL button that appears on the screen.

You are now ready to start the PayPal Here app.

6.              Press the home button on the tablet

7.              Tap the PayPal Here app

8.              In the window the appears the name of the last user will be shown along with a line to enter the password for that user. If you are that user enter your password and press Log In. If you are not that person press the three dots in the upper right corner to switch accounts.

9.              In the window that appears press the Login in with PayPal button

10.           The New Sale screen will appear on the tablet

11.           At the top left of the tablet screen will be a message to turn on the card reader.

12.           Turn on the reader by pressing the blue button on its top. The reader screen will display several messages as it connects. This may take a few seconds. When it is connected it will display a message to that effect.

13.           The message at the top left of the screen should now say Connected to PayPal 425.

14.           After a period of no activity, about 5 minutes, the tablet will turn off. When the tablet turns off the reader will display a message telling you to open the app on the tablet. You do not need to do anything at this time. The reader will wait about a minute then it also will turn off.

15. When you are ready to conduct a transaction, press the home button on the tablet one time, and swipe the screen to wake up the tablet. Press the blue button on the reader. This will return the app on the tablet and the reader to their previous states.

16. To shut down, press the Recent apps icon Recent apps iconon the lower edge of the tablet, then the CLOSE ALL button.

Revised 20181006

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